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Eros CTD™ Therapy

The Eros Therapy™ is a small, handheld medical device that improves sexual responses by increasing blood flow to the clitoris and external genitalia. A small, soft plastic cup is placed over the clitoris. When the Eros is turned on, a gentle vacuum is created, increasing blood flow to the genitalia causing the clitoris to become engorged. Increased blood flow to the genitalia results in increased vaginal lubrication and enhanced ability to achieve orgasm. The Eros Therapy™ received FDA clearance-to-market in April 2000.

Eros Therapy™ indications for use include:

    - Greater clitoral and genital engorgement
    - Increased vaginal lubrication
    - Enhanced ability to achieve orgasm
    - Improved overall sexual satisfaction

The Eros Therapy™ may be used prior to having intercourse or without intercourse to condition and restore sexual responses. It should be used three to four times per week to achieve the maximum benefits the Eros offers. For some women, it may take several weeks to notice the therapeutic benefits of using the Eros Therapy™ while others may notice a change right away. Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) typically do not develop over night. Similarly, it may take time for these same symptoms to improve with regular use of the Eros Therapy™. Complete instructions for using the Eros Therapy™ are included in the product package.