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Product description

The UroFit system consists of a muscle stimulator, and a bipolar electrode. The bipolar electrode is divided into two half cells with vertical polarisation. The design of the electrode allows the trouble free positioning. The electrode is available in four different sizes to fit the individual anatomy. The electrode poles are covered with gold to improve current flow. It allows easy cleaning and is allergy free.

The stimulator (pulse generator) can be used for other treatments. Differentiations to other available systems are:

  Triangle pulses
  Impulse current of 90 mA
  Increase and decrease of pulse block
  20 Hz stimulation frequencies
  Vertical polar electrode.

These features and benefits make the UroFit unique in the market.


1. Stress incontinence

Therapy success: More than 90 %.

   Competitors are mainly using the following parameters:

   Frequency 50 Hz
   Pulse current 60 mA
   Pulse width 250 us

BENTON et all describes that the best stimulation frequency is be 20 Hz. At this frequency it is required that the pulse current amounts up to 90 mA to generate a satisfactory muscle contraction.

UroFit provides these parameters!
With regular TENS-units, the output is only 60 mA. To compensate that, the generated pulse width in competitive units is increased 100 us to 250 – 300 us, the stimulation frequency from 20 to 50 Hz. Side effects of these increased parameters include muscles fatigue, sore muscles possibly a worsening of the incontinence condition.

2. Urge incontinence

The dysfunction of detrusor / sphincter will be inhibited by a frequency of 10 Hz.
The stimulation is continuously for 15 min daily.

UroFit - Parameters

Triangle pulses, bi-phases, electrically neutral0for better tolerance by muscle fibres due to adapted sinusoid shape.

Adjustable current limiting of 60 to 120 mA for individual adjusting at equal pulse width Standard value 90 mA.

Pulse-pause-ratio constant l: 2 for optimal contraction-relaxation-phase

Standard value = 0,7 seconds.

Stimulation frequency 10 Hz at urge Symptoms for efficient detrusor dampening.

Stimulation frequency 20 Hz at stress Symptoms for optimal sphincter contraction without muscle tiring.

Variable contraction duration of l to 10 seconds for efficient Stimulation Standard value 2 seconds.

chematically/principle presantation

Muscle training with swell – current
Selection of the optimal intermission – factor dependent on the
stimulation – frequency

Influence of the stimulation – frequency on muscle – fatique (Benton

Stimulation of nerve – fibres depending on the impulse – current

Placement of the UROFit-Electrodes

The general benefit of electrical stimulation is:

No other medication required turning back to continence.
Electrical stimulation is free of secondary effects.