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Electro Stimulation for Stress Urinary Incontinence with Urofit, already recognized as an efficient therapy, has also established its position as an effective treatment for urge incontinence, without the occurrence of unwanted side effects.

The goal of Electro Therapy for urinary Urge Incontinence is to inhibit the hyper-activity and hyper-sensibility of the detrusor muscle. A stimulation frequency of 10 Hz, applied via the afferent paths, will cause a modulation of the bladder activity signals leading to a significant reduction of the urination frequency. Patients experience a clear condition improvement already after one to two weeks of treatment.

Long therapy success requires regular daily stimulation of 15 minutes over several weeks. The stimulation intensity is subject to individual increase until the patient’s comfortable tolerance level is reached.

In case of a combined condition of stress and urge incontinence the stimulation is required two times per day; minimum time between two treatments should by two hours.