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Electro Stimulation for urinary stress incontinence with Urofit, already recognized as an efficient therapy, has gained additional value due to changed stimulation parameters and a new bipolar probe. The system significantly improves the efficiency resulting in an almost 90 percent therapy success rate.

The probe can be vaginally or rectally inserted.

Therapy of urinary Stress Incontinence, combined with insufficient sphincter muscle function, requires a careful selection of the stimulation parameters. Applied frequencies of rectangle impulses of 50 Hz and higher can cause overstretching of the muscles and potentially lead to a worsening of the incontinence condition. By using triangle impulses with a stimulation frequency of 20 to 22 Hz these symptoms can be avoided, provided an impulse current of 80 to 90 mA is applied. If these parameters are furthermore applied by increasing and decreasing of the Stimulation block, the sphincter contraction, initiated by electro stimulation, will be equivalent to normal physiological functions.

In order to reestablish a sufficient function of the pelvic floor muscles, the number of stimulation periods per time unit are of utmost importance, besides the physiological tolerance.

Treatment recommendation:

Stimulation of 2 seconds followed by an intermission of 4 seconds. Result: 10 contractions per minute. By applying the recommended Stimulation of 15 minutes, 150 muscle contractions will be stimulated per day.
In case of severe weak pelvic floor muscles, however, a contraction time of 3 seconds should be selected at the beginning of a therapy. The decreased timing will reduce the number of contractions preventing overstressing of muscles.

A deciding factor for this stimulation therapy is the usage of a suitable probe. The concept of the probe has to facilitate the effective current to treat weak muscles as well as overstretched muscles. The vertical pole positioning of the Urofit probe meets these requirements.