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Manage your Incontinence with C3
Comfort, Control and Confidence

C3 Penile Clamp

  -  Effective for mild to moderate urinary
  -  Dignified solution, easily concealed 
  -  Does not impede bloodflow 
  -  More economical than pads

Comfort with the C3
The contoured, cradle-like design and elastic strap of the C3 minimizes excessive pressure by distributing the radial force evenly around the penis and focusing the urethral occlusive forces where needed. Carefully chosen materials also enhance your patients’ comfort with soft foam wrapped in supple plastic. Available in three sizes, the C3 offers a customized fit for even greater comfort.

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Confidence with the C3
So compact, the C3 is easy to conceal. The elastic strap holds the device in position, allowing the patients to go about their daily routine without concern about the C3 shifting. Proper hygiene never has to be a concern either. The disposable C3 is reasonably priced, so your patients can replace the device at regular intervals. The C3 is a more economical choice than absorbent products.

Control with the C3
When the C3 is placed on the penis, the urethral occlusion pad presses on the urethra. While this localized pressure prevents the involuntary loss of urine, the flow of blood is unimpeded to assure your patient’s safety.

Easy to Use
The penis is placed through the opening in the C3. The lower arm is positioned so that the urethral occlusion pad is against the urethra, and the device is secured (see below) by wrapping the elastic strap comfortably snug around the penis (See below).