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The In-Flow is replaceable urinary prosthesis that is designed to normalize toileting in women with chronic voiding dysfunction. The device simulates normal physio-logic function in two ways: 1) its internal pump simulates normal bladder function by fully evacuating urine even in patients with hypotonic/acontractile (atonic) bladder, and 2) its valve simulates normal sphincter function by closing at the control of the patient in order to block the flow of urine for patients with refractory urinary incontinence (UI).  read more

Pelvic muscle exercises (PME), a/k/a Kegel exercises, are the first-line treatment for mild-to-moderate stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and are commonly used for preand post-partum pelvic rehabilitation. Many patients are not successful with PMEs based solely on verbal instruction, however, due to an inability to identify the correct pelvic muscles.  read more

C3 | Penile Clamp
C3 | Penile Clamp
Comfort with the C3 The contoured, cradle-like design and elastic strap of the C3 minimizes excessive pressure by distributing the radial force evenly around the penis and focusing the urethral occlusive forces where needed. Carefully chosen materials also enhance your patients? comfort with soft foam wrapped in supple plastic. Available in two sizes, the C3 offers a customized fit for even greater comfort.   read more